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The best point about all of those movies is that they showcase several of Australia’s most stunning scenery and who doesn’t wish to visit a movie set? This list may be a list of the highest Ten Australia Films and Australia film locations that show us why we should always get out our backpacks and visit.

With its unique and dramatic landscape, Australia has set the backdrop for a variety of iconic films throughout history. Inspect these real-life filming locations around Australia and find out some incredible scenery – and interesting Australian film trivia – while you’re at it.

1. Bare Island, NSW (Mission: Impossible II)

Not only did John Woo’s “Mission Impossible 2” add another notch to Tom Cruise’s belt of action blockbusters, but it had also been the very best-grossing film of 2000. Both shot and set in Sydney, the film features a variety of recognisable locations like the Sydney opera, Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, and therefore the Harbour Bridge. However, perhaps the first significant Sydney location to feature in Mission: Impossible II is Bare Island, located just off La Perouse in Botany Bay. 

The small island’s rugged coastline and disused military base function the secretive and heavily fortified lair of rogue agent Sean Ambrose (Dougray Scott). Relive the thrilling sequence during which Cruise and Scott race around Bare Island on motorbikes, before tackling one another as their bikes collide in mid-air. This is often one reenactment you shouldn’t try reception.

2. Broken Hill, NSW (Mad Max 2)

Exploding onto the large screen in 1981, Mad Max 2 (The Road Warrior) has been hailed together of the best action movies – and movie sequels – of all time. Filmed around Broken Hill, in remote New South Wales, this post-apocalyptic thriller showcases many of Australia’s stunning desert scenery. The compound scenes were shot during a movie set constructed at The Pinnacles (a series of three hills outside Broken Hill). At the same time, Max’s infamous Pursuit Special is shown rolling over and exploding on Menindee Road. 

In the nearby town of Silverton, home to only a couple of dozen residents, you’ll also find a pub which houses memorabilia, photos and knowledge about all the films filmed during this area. The town also boasts a fantastic Mad Max museum, complete with original cars and props utilised in the cult-classic sequel. (Fun fact: the nearby Mundi Mundi Plains were also used as a filming location for Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – another iconic Australian film.)

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3. Jindabyne, 2006. 

This film stars Laura Linney and combines fishing, an unstable wife, a frustrated husband and a murdered girl found during a lake. All of this takes place in Jindabyne, New South Wales. The entire movie was filmed in Jindabyne which may be located overlooking Lake Jindabyne (where the girl ended up) and therefore the Snowy Mountains. For any skiers out there Jindabyne is a superb place to go to with a variety of premium ski resorts nearby within the Kosciuszko park.

4. McKinlay, QLD and Kakadu park, NT (Crocodile Dundee)

Many people would argue that Crocodile Dundee is about as Australian as a movie can get. This 1986 classic was filmed in both NY City and Australia, with the remote Queensland town of McKinlay lending its pub, Walkabout Creek Hotel, as a location for several laugh-out-loud moments. However, the film’s iconic outback scenes (for instance, when Mick subdues a water ox and kills a snake together with his bare hands) were filmed within the Northern Territory’s beautiful Kakadu park. 

Dundee fanatics should note that two key scenes were filmed at Ubirr, a substantial little bit of rock overlooking a floodplain, and Gunlom, where our hero shows off his spearfishing skills. But, film aside, both of those places are well worth a visit in their own right; Ubirr for its sweeping views and wealth of Indigenous paintings, and Gunlom for its idyllic waterfall and pond.

5. December Boys, 2007

This wasn’t a popular film, and it’s only really known for having Harry Potter in it, but it’s an honest film (a little bit of a girlie movie i need to confess). the most straightforward bit is that just about 80% of this film showcases Kangaroo Island, so it’s well worth watching to ascertain the scenery. I guarantee you’ll want to go to Kangaroo Island having watched this film.

If you recognise the other excellent film locations or top Australian movies, make sure to allow us to know. Within the meantime look out for Bollywood films that have started filming in Australia because of their new-found world fame.

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